With a core focus on corporates, our products cater to private events, cafes and other businesses that need a regular supply of pastries and confectionery. Each product is hand-crafted exclusively to suit each brand’s identity and product offering.


Specializing in creating celebratory cakes, our chefs are well-skilled to deliver varied types of cakes for private parties without compromising on taste and quality. Ranging from single-layered cakes to tiered cakes, our cakes can be custom-made as per preferences.


Our skilled chefs, with over 10+ yrs experience in the industry setting up cafes and running full-fledged kitchens in 5-star hotels, understand the perils of starting in the F&B industry. Hence we have decided to help you set your kitchens with as per legal requirements and provide comprehensive training recommended for smooth operations.

We also provide creative guidance in menu engineering to help you reach your ideal clientele and ensure the brand elements are well-incorporated within the same.